Best Wishes to a Stalwart Trio of Gentlemen

So I had a classic (and delicious, gravy-smothered, needless to say) Southern breakfast in Memphis this morning with the lovely Sherlockian Tim Greer. We all know Tim is a stalwart gentleman and a scholar. But by the time three in the afternoon occurred and I was checked in here in Minnesota, I was ravenous, and plenty more excitement had happened. Therefore, as I type this, I am eating soup like the soup fiend I am. Three soups. They have a SOUP TRIO here.

I sat on the plane this morning next to a very nice professional gent from Arkansas traveling for business who had never flown before in his life. Or been on a train or left the South. He was being exceedingly brave about the fact that every time the plane banked or vibrated, he was pretty sure death was imminent. I thus proceeded to talk almost nonstop about life, the universe, everything, New York, cats, his upcoming conference, Dave Chapelle's mutually appreciated comedy, etc, because when he laughed he seemed to forget we could crash and burn at any moment. What a badass this guy was, looking downward at clouds for the first time and actively deciding not to lose it. Inspiring. Totally badass. My head would have blown up like a skyscraper-tossed watermelon.

Next I wandered downstairs in Minneapolis at my hotel and encountered a disabled veteran who was searching all over the lobby for anyone who would lend him a phone because he just lost his on the back of a bus. I knew it was stupid to believe this story, and did not want to lose my phone as well, but I did agree because I sensed he was telling the truth.  Awesome guy. After ten minutes on my phone, he found his lost one via customer service and took off for the location four blocks away where the bus would next stop. He said his whole life was on that phone. I would have been crying my eyes out in that situation on this tour. What a badass.

I thank all three of these fellas for reminding me that I am not about to perish just because I am traveling so much, and being great examples of calm in the eye of the storm. Also, this whole soup trio thing I'm sampling is in every way perfect.