JANE STEELE was a 2017 Edgar Award nominee for Best Novel!

The latest from internationally bestselling author Faye:

"The Whole Art of Detection belongs on the top shelf with the very best of Doyle's Holmes stories. Author Faye has captured the language, locutions and inventiveness of the original tales as well or better than any author I can think of it. It is absolutely essential reading for any—and every—aficionado who cherishes the real thing.”
—Nicholas Meyer, author of The Seven Per Cent Solution     

“As full of wit as it is of twists, The Whole Art of Detection is a clever collection of deeply satisfying stories that capture the essence of Doyle’s work while marking an impressive addition to the Holmes canon.” 
—Graham Moore, New York Times bestselling author of The Sherlockian

Also by Faye, the Edgar Award nominated Timothy Wilde Trilogy:

Heralded by Gillian Flynn as “so spectacular . . . amazing.”

And from Lee Child "Immersive... thrilling... Read it today."


The Fatal Flame

No one in 1840s New York likes fires, but Copper Star Timothy Wilde least of all. So when an arsonist with an agenda begins threatening Alderman Robert Symmes, a corrupt and powerful leader high in the Tammany Hall ranks, Wilde isn’t thrilled to be involved... More ›

Seven for a Secret

Six months after the formation of the NYPD, its most reluctant and talented officer, Timothy Wilde, thinks himself well versed in his city’s dark practices—until he learns of the gruesome underworld of lies and corruption ruled by the “blackbirders,"... More ›

Gods of Gotham

Distributed in thirteen countries and heralded by The New York Times Book Review as a "rollicking historical novel" and "a sensational account of what early police work was like," The Gods of Gotham introduces Timothy Wilde... More